About me

I am Adrián Moreno (zetxek), and this year 2020 I’m preparing my first long distance triathlon, a “full” IronMan.

I am a software engineer, based in Amsterdam (Netherlands) – and got the bug of doing this some years ago. Before that, I never thought this would be doable for me, but it seems that constance does the trick!

The blog
As I’m spending so much time training, I thought of documenting the year of training – as might prove useful to anyone in the same journey later on.
My idea is to keep one weekly post with some thoughts about how the week went, what I have been doing, and what’s coming next – and spice it up with some of the topics I usually discuss when people ask me about triathlon training: how to manage time schedule, my diet and nutrition, how much rest I get, why I stop drinking when events get closer, how I compare triathlon to other sports I have played…

Let’s see if I manage to keep this promise to myself – and I hope to you enjoy the posts!