2020 is cancelled: there will be another year of path

Wow I really got diluted in my effort and constance with updating the site after the last post. After July with the triathlon in Belgium – things continued to go smooth with the training, and IM Italy kept on saying that the triathlon would go on.

The 50 days of milestone that they had to either confirm the date or cancel pass – meaning it would go ahead. I was still not fully convinced, but very much wanted it to go ahead. They sent an update and postpone the date for 1 week, because of local elections happening that day, to avoid big events taking place at the same time – and it seemed to go ahead, still.

But as almost everything this year – it got cancelled, due to covid19 of course. The authorities were not happy with it taking place.

After the cancellation I checked some options.

One was to organise an event by myself, self-supported and with friends – even if I consider this option for a while, it’s just not the most practical to do my first Ironman/Long distance triathlon.

Another one would be to call it quits – definitely. But I’m enjoying the training, felt very fit and ready, and really want to do it – so that was discarded fast.

And the last option, which I am in right now – is to continue training, with a softer schedule, and just enjoy the fitness in any event I can find these days.

The last one was the Tour d’Utrecht – in the 110km ride. I went with a friend, and enjoyed quite a lot the feeling of having plenty of fuel in the tank, even cycling against the kind pulling the whole group cruising at >35km/h. It felt great!

The next one? Who knows. IM Netherlands has also cancelled, and these days I just picture any event as potentially cancelled until the start is taking place.

I will keep on updating the blog with the 2nd year of preparation for the IronMan – while I decide if next year it will still be Italy, or another one. But there will be something for sure!

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