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Week 27: time flies when you’re all the time at home

I started the blog with the intention of writing once a week. I feel like the last post was one, maybe two weeks ago… and poof! It was almost one month.

With the covid19 situation, not being able to do any plans and working from home – every day looks the same. And it’s so difficult to tell each one apart from the other!

Competition-wise it’s confirmed and clear that there won’t be any events this summer. Which means that the motivation has to come from individual or very small, self-organized events. It could be a self-organized half Ironman around home, for example…

Regarding the triathlons I had chosen: IM Netherlands 70.3 is postponed until october or next year – and for me it will be next year. So the training for it continues, without the event going to take place. And IM Italy is not cancelled… yet. They will take the last decision about 50 days before the event – and now I see more likely than not that it will get cancelled.

The “Path to Ironman” is going to be a way longer one than expected!

Training-wise, I keep on riding quite a lot, and doing some longer runs that I’m enjoying quite a bit. They’re tough, but very zen – while listening to some music, podcasts or an audiobook.

As I skipped the posts so many weeks, I have updated test results to share. And despite the lack of competition goals, it’s still nice to see some progress:

Tests overview:

Training overview:

  • 1 session of strength
  • 1 open water swim! First of the year, and it felt slow but great
  • 3 bike rides: 1 FTP test, 1 max aerobic and 1 fasting easy ride
  • 1 fast FTP run

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