Week 23: #ridesolo, compete solo?

The training continues – riding alone and trying to avoid the busiest times of the days, or trying to discover less busy places to explore.

The uncertainty about what will happen with any schedules events is getting more clear – towards cancelling anything that is presential this season. In The Netherlands that has been the decision for any events this summer – so I guess that IM Westfriesland will have to cancel, or reschedule.

Same has happened with the TriHard series events – everything before August 1st has been cancelled. And it’s yet to see if it’s even possible to organize anything after that.

So, all in all, no competitions in sight. My A Race was far away – but it’s in the hardest-hit area by Covid19 in Europe, in Emilia-Romagna. On one side I’d love to be able to go and support the region with some tourisim – on the other one I’ll understand if they go the safe side and cancel any massive events.

But I was not taking the IronMan training as a one-shot, I still enjoy the process or training, the self-improvement – and having an objective and a purpose, especially these days where every week feels and tastes like the previous one.

A nice change has been being able to feel the spring in the solo rides. I would usually be bothered by the hay-fever sneezes, but even that now is a reminder of how precious is to be able to be outside, feel the allergy to pollen and be grateful for it. Plot twist!

But not all is bad with having spring… we also manage to get some of the flowers blooming next to the Dutch bike paths – with the natural wonder of the seasonal tulips!

Training-wise there’s a new item in the planning: breathing training and “dry swimming”. As I don’t have any perfect spot for the dry swimming, at least I try to do some strength training with elastic bands. It’s something to try while it’s still not swim session…


  • Cycling: 4 rides, with one brick session. Good feelings on the bike – and
  • Run: 2 sessions, one focused on sprints/VO2 max, and another shorter session after the weekend long cycle. They felt quite good – especially got surprised in the brick session with the pace that I could keep.
  • Swimming: nope. But some people are starting to swim in the open water in Amsterdam – so I guess it’ll be time to use the wetsuit again soon!

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