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Week 21: tests again!

If in the previous post (for week 19th) I said that days looked the same – it starts to be the same with weeks. That’s why I even forgot about last week’s post. The monotony of every day being the same as the previous has got… surprisingly easy. And time passes so fast like this – in a glimpse I don’t remember if the bike rides were from last week, or 3 weeks ago.

But well – this week was a bit different, with tests again. Nice for a change – and also good to see the progress.

Tests overview:

Training oveview:

  • 2 new strength routines, with quite some planking variations. It also felt good to have a bit of a difference there.
  • 3 cycles: 1 outdoors FTP test, one very early ride (both solo, and avoiding people), another indoor ride (I didn’t want to wake up early)
  • 1 run: the FTP test, which felt like a good run after quite a while (I skipped the previous

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