Week 19: which day of the week is it?

If on the last week training was helping me break the routine of the days, this week it felt like Groundhog Day. The weeks feel so similar that I lose track of how long we’ve been in this “new normal” of being socially-isolated and in “soft-quarantine”.

But it also makes me appreciate quite a lot every time I manage to spend outside cycling or running. I do every activity alone, and try to get as far away of other people as I can, trying to follow the guidelines of 3m in between people during exercise.

Training-wise I feel a good progress, getting more comfortable on the bike. And repeating the long ride + run brick session, I also got to enjoy and have good feelings on it.

Weekly overview:

  • 2 Strength trainings, done in the calm solitude of home.
  • 3 Runs: 1 in a brick session, another one in the same day of a bike ride, and a longer one where I didn’t feel any pain 🙂
  • 3 Bike rides (one in Zwift): 2 focused on some sprints at the end of the session, and a long almost 4h one, before a short run. Nice rides, good feeling being able to comply to the power targets.
  • No swims: the pools closed still…

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