Week 18: training as routine-breaker

As anticipated in the previous post – this week is marked by the impact of the Covid-19 global pandemia in the daily life and routines.

This week has been the second week working from home – with my only outings being to cycle alone, run trying to skip any group of people, or go to the supermarket. So definitely – training is being quite a scape valve these days: it allows me to see some outdoor light, get fresh air and avoid getting cabin fever.

What bothers me quite a bit is how much the local cyclists keep on going on groups. The authorities in The Netherlands are not enforcing a lockdown and keep on saying “keep the distance of 1.5”, like a golden rule – but people skip that systematically. And even though I would really like to keep on going out to run and cycle – seeing how people crowd the parks, the outdoor gyms and the walking and cycling paths – I wouldn’t be surprised if we end being deprived of the freedom to roam.

And as you can read in the post – the whole situation is taking a good share of my mental energy. It’s quite tiring seeing the news, feeling powerless and betrayed that people that don’t respect the recommendation, and especially, not knowing when this whole anomaly and weird situation will end.

Weekly overview:

  • 2 Strength trainings, one cycling-specific, another one in a remote bootcamp, over Hangouts (trying something fun as a consequence of this damn pandemia).
  • 3 Runs: the pain is a bit gone, but I need to be careful to not injure myself, now that there’s no swimming. Pretty good feeling on this front!
  • 3 Cycles (and a very soft one): I really enjoyed the outdor cycling this week. 2 aerobic rides of 1h30-ish, and a longer 100k ride with a running brick after. Delightful, and seeing how in most of the countries lockdown is forced and no sport is allowed it makes me appreciate them even more.
  • No swims: the pools closed this week, as well as every sports club.

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