Test week

Week 17: Covid19 strikes, preparing for home training

This was the week I was supposed to travel to Mallorca with ATAC for my first training camp ever – but what a bad timing to travel, in the middle of the global Covid19 pandemic.

During the week we monitored the local news, and it was looking worse and worst – until the Spanish Government declared the State of Emergency last Friday. In advance to the isolation measures that I were reading already in the news, I proposed to cancel the whole trip, with the support of the rest of the club. It sucked, but public health is more important than a sport travel – and the law published on Saturday night ended proving.

In the Netherlands, we’re a bit behind with the virus avoiding measures – but getting at the same places as in Spain, Italy or China: isolation, working from home, and avoiding public contact as much as possible. So it’s going to be quite an indoor training session – or definitely solo riding and running for now.

In other order of matters – I also did some tests, which didn’t go as good as I expect to be able to do. But with a mild pain in my left knee since last weekend, a fairly high amount of stress at work, and the whole Coronavirus situation around the travel – I cannot blame myself. I’ll do better soon, coming back to normality…

But, for now – it will be time to train alone, work from home, try to stay healthy to not be a burden in the health system, and pass this whole unprecedented situation with as high spirit and good humor as possible.

Image result for not great not terrible

Weekly overview:

  • 1 Strength training, and I skipped the other.
  • 1 Run: testing some pain I’ve been having in my left knee, and discovered I’m not fully over it. Skipped the FTP test because of the pain.
  • 2 Swims: an easy one with ATAC (I have some videos I’ll post!) and a 1000m test with a (disappointing) result of 21:10
  • 3 Cycles: 2 easy aerobic rides, both solo (as I think it’s more responsible these days), 3h and 2h. And an indoor FTP test with a result of 214W (not great, not terrible)

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