Week 16: “Training status: productive”

I guide my training based on the training plan that my coach prepares for me, as it’s tailor made – and takes into account my main events (namely, Ironman 70.3 Netherlands and Ironman Italy).

But I cannot deny that I also get a bit of stupid satisfaction when the watch tells me that my training status is being productive. It usually related to weeks where I do a bit of extra effort, especially on intensity, as the long aerobic efforts are less of a problem.

I’m not sure why, but the watch insists on “Working in some intense, anaerobic efforts will enhance your speed and anaerobic capacity”. And well, as I tend to not match the intenstity targets in my Sweet Spot sessions, I tried to push a bit extra in the weekend rides – and finally got my watch approval (what an accomplishment).

Jokes aside, the week was again quite broken, with many events and long days at work, so it was a success to almost accomplish everything during the week. The weekend was extra nice, with a bit of sun during Saturday’s solo ride (4h, my 5th longest ride ever so far), and enjoying a very nice route towards the south of Amsterdam; and Sunday enjoying a very nice challenging ride with ATAC, in the social ride.

I really like riding with ATAC as I can find people around my level that challenge my pace, and we can rotate in the headwind position to keep a nice strong average speed. And it was the case this time, with some sprint sections to unleash some power, and also the Bloemendal Kopje (a.k.a. “The hill next to Bloemendal”), to challenge our legs a bit extra. And the crew is really nice to be around – which is the cherry on the cake.

Weekly overview:

  • 1 Strength training, and I skipped the other (shame on me).
  • 1 Run: aerobic + sprints at the end – it sucked, doing it after a long intense work day, having almost no energy left. But hey, done ✅
  • 2 Swims: one with ATAC, another one by myself in the 25m pool. I still suck at technique, but maybe I’m more aware now?
  • 3 Cycles: 2 sweet spot (one indoors, one outdoors with ATAC in group – and I made this a bit longer, as it was a nice day to be out), and 1 long solo aerobic ride (4h, 110km).

Next week’s menu: TESTS! It’s the last week before going to the Mallorca training camp with ATAC, and I’m curious to see if I can get a good run, as that’s where I’m seeing myself more stuck, and also to see if I can improve the previous 234W I scored.

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