Week 15: windy or not, out I go

Another week with the convenient storm attacking The Netherlands during the weekend – causing the group ride to be a solo one, and to end shouting at the wind in the long Sunday ride after more than 1h30 of constant headwind.

Apart from that – quite a successfully planned week: with something going every evening, I’ve had to carefully plan the trainings to happen in the mornings, and to sleep enough. On the rest side I’m doing quite well, without feeling especially weak due to lack of enough bedtime or too much alcohol, which helps quite a lot to finish the sessions with a good sense of accomplishment.

On the swim front – I took action on the discomfort I had with the goggles, and got a new model: Zone 3 Attack, a good tip by AthleteSportsWorld. I still need to use them outdoors to test the photochromatic part, but in the pool they couldn’t be more comfortable.

And for the sides – “al mal tiempo buena cara”, despite not having group sides due to the constant wind and potential rain, I decided to go alone. Despite the strong gusts, I was happy to be outdoors and enjoy the nice light that gives a golden glow to the fields these days.

I had to shorten both rides a bit respect the planned route for different reasons: on Saturday, in a Sweet Spot ride, I got a flat tire about 2km away from home, and I decided to walk home with the bike on my shoulder – as not only the inner tube was damaged, but also quite a bit of the outer tire itself. And on Sunday, the headwind was so annoyingly insistent that I had to cut the route, to not challenge both my mental and physical health more than needed…

Weekly overview:

  • 1 Strength training, 1 core yoga session.
  • 1 Run: aerobic + sprints at the end. A bit longer than previous (half on purpose, half because I chose a different path) – and even if it was not fast at all, I was happy to make it longer.
  • 2 Swims: one with ATAC, another one by myself half-failed, as I cut it short because I forgot the session schedule (and I don’t print it…)
  • 3 Cycles: 2 sweet spot (one indoors, one outdoors, alone), and 1 long solo aerobic ride.

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