Week 14: more windy rides

After having done the tests last week and adjusted the running and cycling the FTP, it was time to put them to roll. Unfortunately the weather is not being very encouraging to get outdoors, with very strong wind gusts and storms weekend after weekend.

Despite that, probably the highlight of the week was that on Saturday I could join a shrinking social ATAC ride: 6 people scheduled to start, 5 showing up, 4 doing the main block, and 3 coming back to Amsterdam.

The first kilometers were very uncomfortable due to the side wind. It was definitely not nice to ride the Kanaaldijk so exposed, and I was trying to put all my weight in the front wheel to not start shaking – all this while I was even considering how cold could the water be if I would end flying to it.

It was also fun as we had to be very aware of the wind and keeping a safe formation – but the line between fun and stupid was getting thinner and thinner, until we had to reconsider the ride, find a more sheltered path, and just cut the loses.

On Sunday I had scheduled a long ride (3h25), but the wind was even worse, so I’ve done my longest ride in the indoor trainer so far. As it was a long aerobic ride, without much effort, it was quite doable to stay in the saddle the whole ride, with no stops. It seems that the fan + open window setup works also quite well to keep a relatively comfortable temperature in the pain cave.

Weekly overview:

  • 1 Strength training (skipped one).
  • 1 Run: aerobic + sprints at the end. Not a great feeling, but at least I did my almost-12k of the week without skpping.
  • 2 Swims: one with ATAC, and another long swim that helped me to wind down after a very stresful day (although I need to look for new swimming goggles – still on Sunday I have pain in face from them).
  • 3 Cycles: 2 sweet spot (one indoors, one outdoors with ATAC), and 1 long aerobic ride indoors.

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