Week 12: the wind said “no” to Schoorl

Today it was supposed to be race day, to run for the first time in the Schoorl dunes in the Groet uit Schoorl run.

This is how it was supposed to look like today.
Photo from the offical site.

But we are still in the winter, weather is changing… and most of the times these changes are for worse. The storm Ciara has hit the Dutch coast today, with wind gusts of up to 150 km/h – and it has been scheduled to hit sooner and sooner.

First it was supposed to be stronger at the end of the day, so the organization reacted fast and rescheduled the run to happen earlier and avoid the worse weather – but as the weather developed, it was not safe to have people coming to the coast for the race, and then collect all the race signs, flags and so on, and go back home safely.

But hey, as the Spanish saying says “good face to the bad weather”, and I could change my Sunday training to be a sweet spot ride (which I probably need more, anyway).

Weekly overview:

  • 2 Strength trainings (focused on cycling).
  • 1 Run: aerobic + sprints at the end.
  • 2 Swims: one with ATAC, focused on 75m negative split intervals, another 2k swim with 400m intervals.
  • 3 Cycles: sweet spot (1h, 2h, 2h10).

All the cycling days were indoor – and I focused less on the specific power numbers, and a but more in the pace changes and controlling my heart rate and power according to the training stage. A little bit less disappointing – also knowing that outdoors I will (should?) be able to achieve a bit extra.

Next week will be a test week, so I can measure how the progress of the training is going in the beginning of the year, and compare how well I’m going on track compared to last years’ progress.

My expectation is definitely lower than what I was on Cascais, but I’m starting to feel some good feelings, let’s see if they’re sustained also by data 🙂

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