Sometimes it’s just not your day

Some days you wake up and you feel “ok, today it’s not my day”. Then you know what to expect, you can be a little bit more kind to yourself today, and take it easy. That’s expectable, and at least lets you the consolation of knowing yourself.

But other days your body decides to lie to you. You wake up with a good feeling – no special soreness or fatigue, prepare to train – and BANG. You miss the target greatly, not even close.

I have been measuring my HRV daily, first thing in the morning when I wake up. It helps me detect when my body or my feelings are lying to me – if the HRV is high, it already puts me in guard of something that might be going on.

Could be a cold starting, just some bad sleep, accumulated stress of the previous days – but at least I am aware of not being 100% of top, and I can justify being more kind to myself and not get too frustrated when the session doesn’t go as planned.

Today was one of those days. But the nice thing of triathlon training is that there are so many chances to redeem the bad day!


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