Starting: week 11th

After some days giving thought to the idea of documenting the process of training for a long distance IronMan, today I’ve finally set the website up.

I’m preparing the event with a lot of time (the main race will take place at the end of September) – and this is like the 11th week of training so far. The process has been mostly in upping up the time I spend on the bike, and that’s what this week has been about.

This week’s overview looked like this

  • 2 outdoor rides during the weekend
  • 1 indoor ride in Zwift
  • 1 run
  • 2 swims
  • 2 strength sessions

The main events have been the bike rides (in time consumed, logistics, and also the focus of my preparation as it’s my spot with more to improve).

Saturday was a sweet-spot wanabee (I’m having trouble reaching the FTP I had before the Half IM in september, still working on it). I rode solo, and discovered a quite nice route, and the headwind didn’t bother me as much as usual.

Sunday on the other side was a duo ride with a new ATAC member, and it was a miserable long ride, 100k and almost 4h riding in constant rain, and completely soaked in water.

This is how the floor looked after our coffee stop, to warm up a bit. SOAKED!

At least the first part of the ride was with company – so the chat helped to forget how annoying the cold water running over my whole body was.

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